Ear Cuff Earrings November 15 2013

I always was amused when I saw girls with multiple ear piercings, especially the cartilage one. It just looked so cool to me, but I was always scared to do cartilage piercing, because I heard it was pretty painful.
And recently I discovered ear cuffs. I don't know about you, but I'm totally in love with these earrings. As a first purchase for myself and for the store, I decided to go with the Snake Ear cuffs. Although I don't like  snakes in real life, I do love them in jewelry pieces. They give you a mystique and intriguing type of look. But this is just the beginning of my love affair with ear cuffs, there are so many different types that I like and so many you will see in the store pretty soon. So many like these….

Second photo courtesy of Honestly WTF